Article for Total Home blog (double glazing company)

Bi-folding doors are a great and simple way to save space and brighten up your home without taking any drastic measures.

If you are struggling with a door opening into a small hallway, or a door always banging into a piece of furniture, then bi-folding doors could be for you. Instead of swinging out into a room, the concertina like doors fold back on themselves, largely remaining within the opening of the wall itself.

Bi-folding doors give you the flexibility to choose how much light and ventilation you bring into a room, as well as still offering you the option to close the door completely when privacy is needed.

Bi-folding doors also allow you to utilise space in the kitchen, bedrooms, or bathroom by allowing you to run storage space right up to the door frame, instead of having to set cupboards back slightly to make sure they are not hit and damaged by a swinging door.

Bi-folding doors are not just a great addition to the inside of your home, but can also work well on the exterior of your home. In the summer months, homes can quickly become stifling hot and stuffy. Air-conditioning is often an impractical and expensive solution to this problem.

A much simpler, less intrusive, and far less expensive option is to fit a bi-folding door. This will allow you to open your home up to some much-needed ventilation. As the bi-folding doors do not swing outwards, you don’t need to worry about propping them open to guard against a sudden gust of wind and potential damage. Once the doors are opened, they can be locked in place.

Bi-folding doors allow you to bring the outside inside your home. Creating a lovely free-flowing space to entertain friends, or even extra space for a family celebration. Exterior bi-folding doors can be made to virtually any size, so they can slot into an existing French doors sized space, or can extend across the whole of a wall. And when the weather gets chillier, a bi-folding door can function as a large floor to ceiling window, letting in much needed sunlight in the winter months.