Article for Total Home (double glazing company) blog

It does not matter how meticulously you plan a party, people will always end up standing around in the kitchen. So why not make your kitchen more than an awkward area to hangout in? You don’t only have to run around your kitchen making packed lunches, or toil away making dinner at night. If you enjoy entertaining, but lack the space, or you are just tired of your old pokey kitchen, then you could consider investing in a new kitchen conservatory.

Conservatories are, of course, not a new idea, but you may never have considered locating your new kitchen in one before. A kitchen conservatory, however, offers a chance to create a unique space that is not just functional, but can also be used to catch up with family, or entertain guests all while still checking on dinner. Incorporating a kitchen into a conservatory will give you much more space and light, transforming your dingy kitchen into a Mediterranean style living space that seamlessly flows from kitchen, to dining room, to garden. This is especially great if your love barbecuing in the summer, but don’t want to abandon your guests every time you need to grab something from the kitchen.

Conservatories in the past were notoriously chilly, but thanks to improvements in modern glazing, as well as the option to add underfloor heating, they are now much warmer environments in the evening. There is also the added bonus that underfloor heating is more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than traditional radiators, so your conservatory will be just as warm as the rest of your home, while not costing you a fortune to heat.

With so much more space available you can finally design your dream kitchen. You can have that breakfast bar, or just more worktop, and storage space. Even if the rest of your home is not very big, the natural light pouring into your new kitchen conservatory will make it feel much bigger. A well-planned kitchen conservatory makes the best of available space, while also giving you a lovely new practical space to not just cook in, but also hangout in with friends over a glass of wine.