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The damage shoddy workmanship can cause is more than just financial – it can leave an emotional burden as well. So when hiring a company to fit double glazing to your home, you want to make sure they are up to the job.

What does FENSA do

The Glass and Glazing Federation created the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, or FENSA, in 2002. The reason for its creation was to make sure that building regulations laid out by the government were followed.

Companies who are FENSA registered have a sample of their installations independently inspected, and if they meet the proper standards, then FENSA allows these companies to self-certify their compliance with the building regulations.

FENSA also inform local authorities of completed FENSA installations, as well as issuing certificates to householders to confirm that the installation follows the building regulations.

FENSA registered businesses are vetted at the start of their registration, these checks include:

  • Pre-approval inspection
  • Inspection of company’s surveyor and installer competencies
  • Employer’s liability for at least £10 million
  • Public liability for at least £2 million
  • Customer contract documents with terms and conditions
  • Any guarantees and warranties are clearly written

Companies continue to be vetted throughout the year to ensure that standards are consistently maintained.

FENSA offers protection to householders

FENSA requires all its registered companies to have in place various levels of insurance, these are:

Deposit protection: FENSA registered businesses must provide a form of indemnity for deposits taken in advance of installations.

Guarantee or warranty: FENSA registered businesses must provide a guarantee or warranty covering the cost of rectifying defects for ten years.

Insurance-backed guarantee (IBG): FENSA registered businesses must back up their guarantee or warranty with an independent insurance policy that comes into effect if the company ceases trading.

The FENSA website offers a comprehensive list of FENSA registered businesses across the country. They also prosecute companies who unlawfully claim membership of FENSA or use the FENSA logo.

FENSA does not just help businesses prove their credibility, but also reassure householders looking to improve their home that the company they hire will be up to the task. FENSA ensures not just quality workmanship, but also peace of mind.