Are you in need of a freelance writer for your blog posts, site content, or proofreading?

Let’s face it. You’re busy. You need valuable copy for your website.

I can help. I specialise in:

  • Offering high-quality custom content that will get your business more traffic, increase your search engine visibility and boost your conversion rate.
  • Writing Search Engine Optimised (SEO) editorial content so that Google pays attention to your site, and your content is on your audience’s radar.
  • Injecting my writing with rich, expressive, industry-related terminology with a wide array of related semantic keywords.
  • Web writing that uses a specific set of rules to maximise reader attention, yet is easy to scan.

My colourful content is used as a lead generation tool to help your business:

  • Grow your email subscribers
  • Boost new business leads
  • Increase your website’s online visibility with strategic keyword placement

When it comes to blogs, I can do the following for your business:

  • Provide all the blog topics
  • Guest post on your behalf
  • Upload posts to WordPress content management systems
  • Include a feature image with all blog posts